Full Name
Jonathan Bouman
Job Title
Ethical Hacker
Speaker Bio
Jonathan Bouman has been a part-time ethical hacker for 4 years, mainly focused on web applications. He has background as a full stack developer for 10 years and being responsible for a few large traffic eCommerce websites in the past. Besides that he's working two days a week as a medical doctor, general practitioner, and a day a week as a research advisor at the academic hospital AmsterdamUMC.

Learning new skills is one of the things he likes most about hacking, especially in collaboration with other hackers. This led him to several prizes in the last year; the Most Valuable Hacker award during the Amazon 2021 Live Hack Event and the Vigilante Award (Most important hacker to customer) + 2nd prize overall during the last Live Hacking Event in Las Vegas 2022. In between the Live Hack Events he enjoys to hack on the Hackerone challenges with a challenging scope.